Netil 360 : East Londons Non-Pretentious Members Club

Netil 360 Membership NOW OPEN

This is exciting news : be first in line for …the summer of love… at Netil 360.

We have a limited number of memberships available, to apply copy and paste the below application questions and email to, we will then send you everything you need to start the fun!

Summer at Netil 360

Come one, come all….

Join us for our summer of love, up on the roof at Netil House.

Become a member :

We are London’s non-pretentious, members club. We don’t check your status or your bank balance we just want to make sure everyone in our community is as nice as our residents.

What you get :

-Exclusive entry to Netil 360, if you are not a member or a resident then you cannot be admitted to the roof.

-Oppertunity to sign in 2 guests to the roof.

-Daytime entry to Netil 360 in the daytime when it is open to do whatever you want. Lunch / Work / Sunbathe.

-Full use of our wellness facilities including discounted Yoga/dance/hula hoop classes.

– Free entry to a full roster of members only events and activities.

-Discounted/Free entry to public evening events.

-Priority tickets / entry for events such as dining clubs / rooftop parties / Netil 000 parties / Hackney Downs Studios Events.

-Monthly newsletter with news / discounts and offers from our partners.

How To Apply:

-Copy and paste the application form and email to We will be in touch.


Is set at £100 for our friends for a limited period only. We only have a further 100 memberships available for the roof. Applications are below.


Please email with replies to the following categories below attaching a recent photograph. If your application is successful you will be bound by the rules of the house.



Phone Number

Email Address

About You:

Job Title:

Nature of Business:

Why would you like to be a member?

Favourite Drink:

Favourite Song:

Favourite Film:

Applicants who are not immediately accepted will be added to a waiting list at

The discretion of Netil 360. Email completed applications to


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